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Rezavka Nature Reserve

Basic information

Rezavka Nature Reserve comprises a complex of very rare forest, meadow and water biotopes which are typical for an alluvial meadow of Odra River rising in Oderské vrchy (Odra Hills). The axis of the area is represented by an old, permanently saturated mortlake of Odra River which together with Mlýnka supply gutter plays a significant role in maintaining the local water regime. Thanks to the regulation system of Odra River built during the years1930 – 1970 the consequences of regular floods in this part of the area were lessened to minimum.

Nature reserve

Rezavka Nature Reserve was declared in the area of 83.66 ha in 1998. An alluvial forest situated along a permanently saturated mortlake of Odra River and large reedswamps at the banks of Vrbenský pond are the subject of nature conservation here. Many protected plant and animal species live in here such as the Common Snow Drop (Galanthus nivalis), Turk´s Cap Lilly (Lilium martagon) and Violet Helleborine (Epipactis purpurata) or the Great Crested Newt (Triturus cristatus) and Moor Frog (Rana arvalis).

Galanthus nivalis

Galanthus nivalis

Lilium martagon

Lilium martagon

PR Rezavka

PR Rezavka

Useful information


Krajský úřad Moravskoslezského kraje, odbor životního prostředí a zemědělství 28. října 117, 702 18 Ostrava www.kr-moravskoslezsky.cz tel.: +420 595 622 297

GPS position

N 49° 47.827', E 18° 12.983'



Krajský úřad Moravskoslezského kraje Odbor životního prostředí a
28. října 117, Ostrava
Tel.:+420 595 622 297