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Walking In Veseli


In 1964 the formerly independent village Zarazice became part of the town of Veseli nad Moravou. In the centre of Zarazice, not far from the belfry located along the main road, there is a small house (No 17) with a traditional painted ornamental decoration on its entrance. There is also part of the lyrics of a folk song connected with this particular house: “V Zarazicach krajni dum…” (“There’s a house on the village fringe in Zarazice…”). Why ‘on the fringe’? It stood on the border between two parishes: the southern part of the village belonged to the Vnorovy parish and the northern one to Veseli.

The song is based on a true story: A young woman used to live in this house some time ago. Her name was Betka. The story has it that Betka was very beautiful. So, it was no wonder that two young men from the neighbourhood, brothers Jan and Martin, fell in love with her. Jan, the elder, let himself recruit in the army to give room to the younger Martin’s wooing. After some time Jan came home for a visit and did not forget to visit Betka, as well. Martin did not like that and being consumed by jealousy he shot at his brother. He then flew out of the country, further south to Hungary, and never returned to Zarazice. Luckily, Jan was only hurt but did not die. When he recovered from the injury, he was released from the army and married his Betka.

GPS position

N 48° 56.366', E 17° 21.888'



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