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Walking In Veseli


Places where we can safely refresh ourselves with water from a well or stream have become scarce. Most water sources are contaminated with sewage from not only industrial and agricultural production but also from domestic sources (households, municipalities). Although water has a self-cleaning capacity, this kind of pollution is beyond its scope. In sewage treatment plants water is rid of the worst dirt and contaminants. The process usually has 3 stages:

1. Mechanical stage

2. Biological stage

3. Anaerobic stage Nitrates and phosphates, which in natural environment cause eutrophication of water, are removed. This is usually done only at bigger treatment plants.

AN ALTERNATIVE The reed bed sewage treatment plants emulate natural self-cleaning processes. After separating the rough mechanical parts, the sewage water flows through an artificial wetland while the bacteria covering the roots of wetland plants (e.g. reed, bulrush) clean it from organic substances. This method is much cheaper but is more demanding on space and climate conditions.

GPS position

N 48° 57.024', E 17° 22.101'



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