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Walking In Veseli


Wilderness is an area left to natural development. This means that human intervention is not visible here at all, or only to a small extent. The Czech Republic has no real, original wilderness areas left. Even the well-known Boubin Virgin Forest in Sumava National Park and the Javorina Forest here in Bile Karpaty have not escaped human intervention in the past. This is why in the Czech Republic we talk about “close to nature” forests, rather than virgin forests.

However, some kind of wilderness has been gradually finding its place in the contemporary intensively used landscape. This “new wilderness” is spreading in places which had been once used by man and then abandoned – parts of military areas, old quarries, spoil heaps etc.

Some “new wilderness” areas are developing also in abandoned industrial parks and fringes of urban areas. These places, which are interesting for their spontaneous development rarely disturbed by man, constitute suitable living spaces and invaluable safe havens for many species of animals and plants. Who would expect to find a species like beaver, for example, on the outskirts of a former industrial park in Veseli?

GPS position

N 48° 56.980', E 17° 22.182'



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