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Walking In Veseli


European Beaver (Castor fiber) is the largest European rodent, active mostly at night. Adults weigh some 25–30kg (55–65lb). The shape of the body is adjusted to life in water: The head is small with flaps in the ears which can be closed tightly, stopping the water from coming in. The nose can also be closed for underwater swims. The webbed hind feet, much larger than the front ones, propel the beaver through water. The tail functions as a rudder. Beavers’ eyesight is not very good, they rely more on sound and smell. Including the tail, they reach up to 1m in length.

Beavers are herbivores (they feed exclusively on plants). Their diet consists of various plants and the bast, young sprouts, and leaves of trees. They fall trees mainly in winter, making supplies for the season. These are usually 5–20cm (2–8in) thick, although beavers are capable of working through trunks 1m (3ft 3in) in diameter. They like willows and poplars best, but they can cause a lot of damage in gardens and allotments along the Morava River, feasting on fruit trees which are not protected by fencing.

Beavers used to be killed for fur, meat, and castoreum (used in perfumes). They became extinct in Czech Republic in 19th century. Recently, their numbers are steadily increasing due to the species reintroduction in 20th century.

beaver footprint

GPS position

N 48° 56.830', E 17° 22.171'



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