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Walking In Veseli


Once upon a time a Water Spirit lived in the Morava River, close to the castle in Veseli. He wasn’t evil. Sometimes he may have scared off some kids who came to bathe in the weir, but mostly he just quietly sat on an old willow puffing his pipe. One day, when he dozed on his perch on the willow, he was woken up by some noise coming from the other side of the river. There he saw farmer Zurek yelling at old Mrs Burilova. That bit of river bank was overgrown with nice juicy grass and local people often came here to mow some for the animals they kept. Farmer Zurek was one of them, and although the river bank was not his property, he claimed it belonged to him. On that day, when he met old Mrs Burilova there, he spilled all the grass she had cut and carried in a sling on her back, and cursing her, he made her run away. The unhappy old Mrs Burilova had no choice, so crying she went home.

water spirit

The Water Spirit did not like what Zurek dad done and he decided to teach him a lesson. When Zurek came again on a hot summer day and wanted to refresh himself by dipping his feet in the river, the Water Spirit saw his opportunity – he seized Zurek’s feet, dragged him in the river and started drowning him. Zurek was a good swimmer and he was strong, but he did not stand a chance against the Water Spirit. He was already saying his last prayers when the Spirit finally let him go. After that experience Zurek never came back and old Mrs Burilova did not have to fear him anymore.

GPS position

N 48° 57.228', E 17° 22.178'



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