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Walking In Veseli


If you’d like to get to know the southern part of Bile Karpaty (the White Carpathians), the train station in Veseli nad Moravou is a good starting point. All you need to do is get on a train in direction of Javornik nad Velickou (close to Velka nad Velickou). The railway itself is an interesting technical monument.

railway viaduct ner Lipov

The 67.5km long line from Veseli nad Moravou (CZ) to Nove Mesto nad Vahom (Slovakia) was opened on 1st September 1929. It has always been a unique fly-over crossing. Interesting pieces of engineering work include a viaduct at the village of Lipov and a 2,421 metres long tunnel on the Slovakian side of the border. You can get off at one of the stations and set off on a trip to Bile Karpaty. The Bile Karpaty area is mainly known for its extensive species-rich meadows, which biologists rank among the most valuable grasslands in Europe. The beech forest on Mt. Velka Javorina (the highest peak of Bile Karpaty – 970m) or the orchards with old and regional fruit tree varieties in Zahrady pod Hajem National Nature Reserve in Velka nad Velickou are also worth visiting.

The important natural heritage of Bile Karpaty has been recognized by designating the area a Protected Landscape Area (1980) and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (1996). On the Slovakian side a Protected Landscape Area was established in 1979.

Military Orchid (Orchis militaris)

GPS position

N 48° 56.929', E 17° 22.896'



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