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Walking In Veseli


In the Middle Ages Veseli nad Moravou suffered from the effects of many wars and raids. The town, damaged by a number of fires and plunders, started to recover only in the 18th century when the estate was bought by Zeleckys of Pocenice. The family initiated an extensive reconstruction of the town. Apart from a reconstruction of the castle, the largest church of St. Guardian Angels and the Servite order monastery, the most important ecclesiastical complex in Veseli, were built.


The church is a very valuable example of Moravian Baroque architecture. It was consecrated in 1739, the building work finished in 1764. Due to lack of money, the towers are rather shorter than originally planned. In the church crypt members of the Servite order and of the noble families who owned the Veseli estate (Zelecky of Pocenice and Chorinsky of Ledska) are buried.

The Servite monastery was founded in 1714. After several decades of promising development, it was later dissolved (1784), as a result of a church reform by the Austro-Hungarian emperor Joseph II; the inventory was sold and the buildings were put at the disposal of the army. Today it houses the town council of Veseli and one of the town’s two primary schools.

GPS position

N 48° 57.013', E 17° 22.790'



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