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Walking In Veseli


The Jewish community in Veseli nad Moravou used to belong to the largest in the Morava region. The Jews lived here since the 16th century and were originally based in a Jewish street (today’s Rybnicek) close to the Bartolomejske namesti (square). The building in Rybnicek which used to serve as a synagogue dates back to around 1900AD. The Jewish cemetery was founded only in 1784, close to the then dissolved Servite monastery and the largest Baroque church in Veseli. Before that, the Jewish community had probably used the cemetery in nearby Uhersky Ostroh. Most of the community perished in Nazi concentration camps during WWII.

earlier synagogue in Rybnicek street

old jewish street between Bartholomew square and Rybnicek street

Close to the Jewish cemetery, there is a stone cross from 1866, associated with another sad story: At the time of the Austro-Prussian War (1866AD), the 47th Lower Salesian Foot Regiment was stationed in Veseli. A young officer, Lieutenant Max von Koschlüll, was put in charge of the regiment’s money. He deposited the petty cash fund in the house of the man where he was staying. When he needed it, he found out that it had been stolen. The thief was not found, so all responsibility fell on the young lieutenant. His superiors were very angry and by appealing to his honour eventually drove him to suicide. When the young man’s mother arrived a few days later, she settled the amount that had been stolen and had a cross erected where the body of her dead son had been found.

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