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Walking In Veseli


The castle in Veseli used to be protected by fortification with a watch tower and a moat. The barbican built on a small river island (eyot) opposite the main gate enclosed an area which served as base-court for the castle. Later on, a brewery and a watermill (operating until the beginning of the 20th century) were built. In 1901 the miller J. Janis started to use the mill to make elektricity.

When count Chorinsky bought the mill in 1913, he had it transformed into a water power-station with 2 Francis turbines. The older one (with 120kW output power) was manufactured in 1914 by the Austrian company J.M.Voith, Maschinenfabrik Pölten. The younger turbine (160kW) was made in 1927 by one of the largest engineering companies in former Czechoslovakia – CKD (Ceskomoravska Kolben & Danek).

small water power-station

GPS position

N 48° 57.225', E 17° 22.635'



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