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Walking In Veseli

Bygone glory of Veseli castle

The castle in Veseli was built on the foundations of a medieval fortification. The first written record dates back to 1256 AD. It guarded not only the old trading settlement and the ford across the Morava River but also the border between the Margravate (=province) of Moravia and Hungary. Built between two arms of the river, it enjoyed the advantage of this natural defense.

In the 16th century the castle was rebuilt in a Renaissance style. The turbulent times, however, made it necessary for the new building to retain many of its former defense elements. In 1621 the troops of Bethlen Gabor of Hungary laid siege to the castle. The 300-men- strong garrison fought bravely. However, according to the chronicles, the enemy finally managed to destroy the old tower. It fell into the river taking with it three musketeers and one harlot who (even during the gunfire) kept provoking the enemy by “drinking liberally from tankards and calling the soldiers dirty names”. During an attack of the Swedish army in 1642 the castle was burnt down. In the following years the ruins of the castle became the object of financial speculation.

At the beginning of the 18th century it came into the hands of the Zelecky of Pocenice family, who paid for some basic repairs. Later on, the Chorinskys of Ledska had the castle rebuilt first in a Baroque and finally in the current Classicist style. The family had to leave the country at the end of WWII and during the liberation fights the castle was damaged and then looted. After WWII it was dispossessed. For the last several decades the dilapidated building remained empty. As the town didn’t have money for the necessary extensive repairs, the castle was sold to a private owner.


General Laudon statue (memorial)

GPS position

N 48° 57.221', E 17° 22.501'



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