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Walking In Veseli

Veseli nad Moravou

The original settlement of Veseli (“a place of merriment”) was situated on an important trade route leading along the Morava River southwards to Hungary. As it soon became necessary to defend the strategically placed settlement, a castle was built between two arms of the river (13th century). Later on, a town was founded on the island between the settlement and the castle. The original settlement then became Predmesti (The Suburb).

In the 16th and 17th centuries Veseli was repeatedly raided by Turks, Swedes, and other armies, which is why none of its grander historical town houses survived to date. An important period in the history of Veseli began in the 18th century, after the town and the surrounding estates had been bought by the Zeleckys of Pocenice (1707–1730). At that time the Servite order monastery, the church of St. Guardian Angels, and the new church of St Bartholomew were built here. The major boom, however, came with the Chorinskys of Ledska (1730–1945) who financed the rebuilding of the castle (chateau), refurbishment and modernization of the farm estate, brewery, and mills.

With the expansion of railway and postal services it became necessary to distinguish Veseli from several other towns of the same name. So, in 1893 Veseli became Veseli “nad Moravou”(=on the Morava River).

In the second half of the 20th century industry developed at a fast pace. The massive complex of steelworks (Zelezarny) was built, together with several housing estates for the employees of this largest one but also of other local state factories. The town expanded further and “swallowed up” the neighbouring villages of Milokost (1950) to the north a Zarazice (1964) to the south.

letecký snímek Veselí nad Moravou

GPS position

N 48° 57.233', E 17° 22.750'



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