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Staříč and its surroundings – from the east up to the south

Beskydy – Basic Information

Beskydy Mountains were declared Beskydy Protected Landscape area on 5 March 1973 for its unique natural values, especially the well-preserved primeval forests and rare Carpathian animal and plant species, rich meadow communities and unique surface as well as underground pseudo-karst processes. The mountains comprise Moravian-Silesian Beskids Range, Veřovické vrchy and Javorníky Range. Moravian – Silesian Beskids and Veřovické vrchy can be seen from the top of Kamenná Hill nearby Staříč.

Moravian-Silesian Beskids are the largest out of three mountain ranges in Beskydy. Their highest point is Lysá hora Mountain, which is the highest peak of the entire Beskydy Mountains. We can also see other mountain peaks of height exceeding 1000 m – Travný Mountain (1203 m) and Ropice Mountain (1082 m). Moravian-Silesian Beskids are mostly forested, mainly by plantations of spruce. The places of original woody species composition are protected in nature reserves and monuments (e.g. Travný, Nature Reserve Smrk).

Veřovské vrchy – les

Veřovské vrchy – les



Veřovské vrchy – Kamenárka

Veřovské vrchy – Kamenárka

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