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Naučná stezka Píšť

History of the Municipality of Píšť

Basic information

The municipality of Píšť is one of the villages in Opava region whose archaeological settlements are dated back to the Neolithic Age (4500 – 2500 B.C.). The first written record about the village comes from the year 1228 when the Czech king Přemysl Otakar I. granted Piscz to Velehrad monastery. It remained under its control until 1439. From then on it belonged to Hlučín dominion when in 1625 it was purchased by Bernad Lichnovský of Voštice. After his death, almost completely destroyed after the Thirty-Year´s War it went to the hands of Jiří Lichnovský. In the 18th century after the defeat of Maria Theresa the region of Hlučín got under Prussia´s control and so did Píšť. The Czech and Polish language as a teaching language was abolished after 1872. On the grounds of the Paris Peace Treaty Conference most of Hlučín region fell under the Czechoslovakian authority in 1920. Píšť, however, became part of Czechoslovakia no sooner than in 1923.

Useful information


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N 49° 58.728', E 18° 11.624'



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