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Povydří, Hálek´s Hut

It is an unforgettable experience to walk along the most charming part of the Vydra River spreading between Antýgl and Čeňkova Pila (Čeněk´s Sawmill) in the length of 8 kilometres. The rocky riverbed gives rise to rapids, numerous cascades and so-called kettle holes created by secular stone erosion. One of the largest kettle holes can be seen over the bridge across the river in Antýgl. The river slopes are formed of unique rock structures, so-called boulder fields. The path is intended for hikers and immobile visitors only. Hálek´s Hut used to stand at a bridge on the left bank of the Vydra River on the way to Srní. It was built in the inter-war period in the place of a former rural homestead called Paukner´s Cottage. It was used as a recreation centre for children. The structurally unsound building was pulled down in 2001 on the grounds of the decision of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Socialist Republic on 17th June 1987 to declare National Povydří Nature Reserve in Klatovy Region stating that “Hálek´s Hut, the plot no. 1887/2 v k. ú. Srní, will be closed by the end of 1990 at the latest“.

GPS position

N 49° 4.624', E 13° 30.648'