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Vchynice-Tetov Channel, Rechle

A technical cultural monument designed by Ing. Josef Rosenauer and built in the years 1799– 1801. Its construction was financed by the then owner of the dominion Josef Schwarzenberg. The channel begins at the Vydra River by Rechle and leads to the Křemelná River. The channel is 16km long, its elevation difference is 190m. Arched stone bridges and bricked troughs remained well preserved along the whole length of the channel. The timber was transported from Čeněk´s Saw Mill down the Otava and Vltava River to Prague. The channel lost some of its significance after lodging was reduced in the area. Part of the channel was used to convey water into hydro-electric power plant Vydra at Čeněk´s Saw Mill. Rechle- a unique wooden, 72m-long bridge served for retention of floated wood which was further directed to Vchynicko –Tetovský Transport Channel. A road from Rokyta to Modrava led over the bridge until 1953. It had to be closed due to its bad state once a new road through Antýgl was opened. The bridge can be found at the beginning of a six-kilometres- long route along Vchynicko-Tetov Transport Channel which is also accessible on wheelchairs.

GPS position

N 49° 2.374', E 13° 30.234'