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Naučná stezka Staříč

History of Staříč

Basic Information

Municipality of Staříč probably dates back to the first half of the 13th, if not already the 12th century. The first preserved written record about the village comes from 1258, however its territory was inhabited much earlier. There were some early mesolithic and neolithic or Bronze and Iron Age residues found in tens of archeological sites at the outskirts of Staříč. In the medieval times there were fortified little castles located on Štandl hill and at the edge of Lipina forest. In the 14th and 15th century Staříč belonged to the Diocese of Olomouc. During the Thirty Year´s War in 1643 it was plundered by the Swedes. In 1789 a new colony Nová Staříč was founded in one part of a territory of an abandoned noble court. A mention of a mill, clothes washboard and a saw-mill appears in connection with the village in the forties of the 19th century. The houses in that era were mostly wooden, covered with shingle.





GPS position

N 49° 40.823', E 18° 16.521'



Obec Staříč
Chlebovická 201, Staříč
Tel.:+420 558 660 260