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Mnichovo Hradiště

Chateau Mnichovo Hradiste is a magnificent example of Baroque manor house, which has been preserved only in a few altered. Albrecht z Valdštejna confiscated a Renaissance residence in 1623. Chateau was part of Valdstejn‘s estate for other decades.

New era of building was started after 1690, when Ernest Josef Valdštejn moved toMnichovo Hradiste . Rebuilding of chateau was scheduled by the architect Canevallo. It started in 1696 and was ready after thirty years. The castle was modernized, raised by one floor and built from scratch another part of the castle building with the new clock tower. They were built stables, sala terrena and orangery.

The internal arrangement of the castle is in comparison with a common type of castle dispositions unusual. The right half of the building, the Renaissance castle layout designed L-shaped, with one entrance and a large hall in the corner, was also in the symmetric form on the left half of the castle and the layout of the new building was added to the present shape of the letter U. The first floor of the chateau are two main halls – today's reception hall and castle theater – with atypical locations in the corners of the building.

The original rich decoration of the castle interiors from the 18th century, conducted by Jan Spazzo, has not been preserved, was apparently destroyed in a fire the castle in 1724. Golden Cabinet was established in the chateau after 1730, whose opulence associated with chapel‘s expe­dition. Both are very successful example of Baroque interior design.

Basis of miniature castle gallery was created before the middle of 18th century. Galler contains 112 pistures today. Theycover continuously all walls of the room. Portraits of Valdstejn’s family are installed on the walls of the double-flight staircase.

Decoration of the rooms in the west wing was completed in the second half of the 18th century – and adjustment of quality used fireplace with plastic dolphins, which was brought by the crumbling castle in the forest district Valdštejsko. New dining room was guild. Renaissance coffered ceiling of the castle in Dobrovice was used here.

This chateau was confiscated in 1945. Center of state Monument Care and Conservation of the Central Bohemia took over the administration in 1966. Today's ap­pearance interiors recalls the atmosphere of the 18th century. Historical collections, together with large oil paintings on the walls and other contemporary forms of decoration lock extremely impressive.

GPS position

N 50° 31.646', E 14° 58.254'



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