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Chateaux Hruba Skala

Castle stayed on two sandstone rocks, which rise up to 60 meters above the valley of the river Libuňka. There they built new castle in the first half of the 14th century. The Hruba Skala castle (the first name was only Skala – Rock). Castle was reinforced area between Trosky castle and Valdštejn castle.

The castle was first mentioned in a document of 1353, as the property of Valdštejn dynasty. It was rebuilt in a Renaissance chateau n the middlle of 16th century. Architect Bernard Grueber realized last great reconstruction. Chateau changed looks and looked like as now. Reconstruction was pseudogothic with part of Romanticism. The gateway to the forecastle with a stone bridge was built newly. Two medieval statue of St. Florian and St.. Lawrence stay on the bridge. Forecastle was rebuilt and the park was founded on the east side. Hruba Skala was a center of the eponymous estate, including left bank of the Jizera river and also part, since 1623 the whole townTurnov.

Hotel is in Hruba Skala now. Hotel offers a variety of unique gastronomic experiences seen in several castle’s restau­rants and other representative hall of castle. The castle courtyard and a lookout tower are accessible to the public to tour, the rest of the castle serves as a hotel.

Events called Know the Middle Ages is here every summer. Courtyard revive knights, jugglers, dancers, musicians. This interesting program restores the chateaux to its original character. In castle gorge they open entertaining and sports complex, based on classical Czech fairy tales and fairy tale characters, which together with domesticated animals, contests and a very attractive environment ravine let the children many experiences from a visit to the chateaux. In the park is ready for games, offered as archery, trampoline, abseiling, rope bridge and a large center.

Nature trail is surrounding through famous rock city Hruboskalsko. The castle Hruba Skala is possible to walk along the red marked trail in the direction Turnov – Trosky.

GPS position

N 50° 32.672', E 15° 11.544'



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