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Together with the former glassworks, the dam from 1985 is a symbol of the town of Karolinka. In order for it to fulfil its purpose – the storage of drinking water – the picturesque Stanovnice river valley had to be flooded and 228 people had to be rehoused. It is interesting to note that one building was actually moved from the area to be flooded and is still used as a hunting cottage. The beginnings of the town of Karolinka are linked to the founding of the glassworks known as Karolinina huť (glassworks). The prosperous glassworks was a motor for industrialisation and growth in the quality of life over the whole microregion, particularly during the world economic crisis whose consequences were not felt for some time here. The citizens of the east of Nový Hrozenkov took advantage of the wish for radical change after the Second World War, and made the village independent. Thus, on 1 January 1949, the independent Karolinina Huť was founded, soon – on 21 June 1951 – renamed to Karolinka.  

GPS position

N 49° 21.045', E 18° 14.725'



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