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Commemorative Trees

Památné stromy - Dub na Jehličné

Dimensions Oak tree in Jehličná Trunk circumference 512 cm Height of tree 18 m Age 600 – 700 years Its estimated age places it among the oldest oak trees in Moravia. The oldest living oak tree in the Czech Republic is considered to be the Žižka oak tree in Náměstí, whose age has been determined to be over 1000 years using a dendrochronological method. The oak grows very slowly, reaching maturity at 100 years old, although it is long-living, able to live for up to 1500 years. From time immemorial, the oak has been a symbol of strength, long life and hardiness and also achieved a privileged position due to Germanic mythology, where it was associated with the God of Thunder, Thor. It is considered the German national tree and a symbol of the German nation. 

GPS position

N 49° 29.739', E 18° 0.429'



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