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Commemorative Trees

Památné stromy - Tis v Zubří

Dimensions – Yew tree in Zubří Trunk circumference 295 cm at the bottom (at a height of 1.35 m it splits into two of 205 and 214 cm circ.) Height of tree 11 m Age 380 years This Zubří yew tree is old enough to remember the Thirty Years’ War – it is the oldest yew tree in Moravian Wallachia. Within the Czech Republic, the oldest example of this rare tree can be found at Pernštejn castle. Here, the age is estimated at over 1000 years at a height of 16.5 metres. The yew tree is a shade-loving, very slow-growing tree which occurs in the form of a bush or relatively low tree (maximum 20 metres). It is a particularly threatened tertiary survivor, and in most countries it is a protected species. Apart from the red pulpy aril, the whole tree is extremely poisonous.  

GPS position

N 49° 28.723', E 18° 5.321'



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