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Commemorative Trees

Památné stromy - Jedle v Řečici

Dimensions – Fir in Řečice Trunk circumference 360 cm Height of tree 37 m Age 150 – 200 years Protected firs are not as numerous in the Czech Republic as other species. This is due to a deteriorating environment in the past, to which the fir is sensitive, as well as slower growth as young trees when the more common spruce grows faster. For this reason, this is so far the only protected fir tree in Beskydy. The highest fir tree in the Czech Republic is 44 metres high. The highest fir tree ever – Vopařil fir tree near Polička – was 45 metres high before a storm knocked it to the ground in 2003. The fir is a very high tree (up to 65 m) with a straight cylindrical trunk of diameter up to 2 m.  

GPS position

N 49° 30.701', E 18° 27.432'



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