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Commemorative Trees

Památné stromy - Zděchovské lípy

2 large-leaved limes – dimensions: Trunk circumferences 480 and 540 cm Tree heights 24 and 26 m Age 270 years The lime tree became an official national symbol in 1848 during the Pan-Slav Congress of 1848, from 2 to 12 June in Prague. The roots of the national tree as a Slavic symbol however, go back much further. The lime is a sturdy tree reaching heights of over 25 m, although under certain conditions it can also grow like a bush. Limewood is very light and soft. It is particularly good for carving and modelling with. Lime blossom is also one of the most well-known local medicines. Lime blossom tea is used to protect against colds, often mixed with honey.  

GPS position

N 49° 15.500', E 18° 4.543'



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