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Lysá hora


You are standing at the unconventional scouting monument, Ivančena. It is a mound made up of stones and is a symbol of patriotism, bravery and friendship. The mound is a memorial to the execution of 18 scouts on St George’s Day who joined resistance activities during the occupation. As a memorial, a wooden cross was erected and the stone mound built here on 6.10.1946. Each year on the weekend closest to St George’s Day, those who want to honour the memory of the scouts climb up here and place a stone on the mound. The stones on the mound here do not only come from all over the Czech Republic, but literally from all continents and there is even meant to be a rock here from the moon, which was brought here by Neil Armstrong.  

GPS position

N 49° 33.992', E 18° 26.317'



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