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Bohemian Gate Trail


Plesivec hill, once called Ledovy vrch (Icy Hill), also known in the past as Jordan, is mostly a foresty cone-shaped hill, located 5km northwest of Litomerice, belonging to the conservation area Natura 2000. The peak reaches 509m above sea level. It is formed of basalt, weather worn on the surface, with extensive boulder debris. Scree fields cover the southwest, west and northeast slopes and the peak. There is no vegetation on the boulder debris, except a few old lime trees helping to stabilize soil. On the western and northwestern sides of the foothill are icy hollows where ice and snow can be found till summertime. The heavy cold air accumulated there in the weather worn hollows becomes stuffy and can not circulate. Right below the peak is the so called Ledova studanka (Icy Spring) with a permanent water temperature of 5 – 7°C. Fauna is worth mentioning, especially small predators, owls and insects such as ground beetle (Pterostichus negligens).

While visiting Plesivec one should pay attention to the memorial oaks standing at Chapel Saint Jan Krtitel on the western side of the foothill and to the broad view of the surroundings, for example the Kamyk ruin, the Elbe river and Lovosice behind it, the Hazmburk ruins in the backround and Kostalov to its right.





GPS position

N 50° 33.746', E 14° 5.167'



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