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Bohemian Gate Trail

Chapel of John the Baptist

To the north of the Kamyk village, at the foot of the Plesivec hill, among memorable aged oaks, there used to stand a double-aisle chapel of John the Baptist since 1551. The original chapel was destroyed during the Thirty Years´ War in 1660. New, hexagonal chapel with cupola and lantern on the top replaced the old one. It was commissioned by Sylvia Kathrin, the Countess from Baden and the owner of Lovosice – Kamyk manor. The chapel has Italian architectural elements but the architect is unknown. It is built in hexagonal layout with two rows of windows (the lower are rectangular, the upper are circular).
Regular pilgrimages went from Lovosice town to the chapel after the 6 a.m. mass. During the pilgrimage, the chapel coudn´t accommodate all the people so many of them had to listen to the sermon from the outside pulpit, located at the northwest corner of the building, because of the lack of space inside. The chapel was repaired in 1777 and the pilgrimages outlasted reforms of two owners of the manor. Even though the majority of the pilgrims were German, the tradition of bilingual sermons (German and Czech) was kept until 19th century.
After the establishment of the new state border in 1938 the pilgrimages stopped and were never fully renewed after the Second World War.
Vilem Kamycky from Lstibor was supposedly buried here in 1551 when the original chapel was built. But others believe he found his last resting place in the St. Nicolas church in Velke Zernoseky, where his gravestone is located.
The founder of the chapel, Sylvia Kathrin, is buried in the St. Zikmund (Sigismund) chapel in the St. Vit (Vitus) Cathedral in Prague. Her white marble gravestone with a Latin inscription and symbol got preserved to this day there.



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www.obec-kamyk.cz www.portabohemica.cz

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N 50° 33.810', E 14° 5.146'



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