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Bohemian Gate Trail

Kamyk – Smetana Hall

In 1865 then the owner of the farm, Dr. Otto Pollak, built this new pseudo Renaissance “chateau” building close to the original chateau, which he had the old one probably unnecessarily demolished. The figure of Dr. Pollak is closely associated with the stay of a well-known Czech composer Bedrich (Frederick) Smetana who got married there on June 10th, 1860 (his second marriage). Bedrich married Dr. Pollak´s sister-in-law, Barbora Ferdinandova, also called Bettina; Dr. Pollak was married to her older sister. Remarkable view from Kamyk probably inspired the composer so much that the newlyweds decided to spend their honeymoon there. The stay of Bedrich Smetana is reminded by a commemorative plaque from 1993. A year later a memorial hall was opened in the building of the Municipal Office, where an old piano, a tapestry “Tribute to Bedrich Smetana”, a showcase with paintings of local landscape and other reminders of the composer could be seen. If you go to Kamyk, you can also visit the ruins of the castle, the chapel of Jan Krtitel (John the Baptist), or go up the slopes of Plesivec, a breathtaking hill with extensive stone debris and icy hollows.

Smetanova síň

Smetanova síň

Partitura z roku 1862

Partitura z roku 1862

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N 50° 33.485', E 14° 4.661'



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