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Kamyk – the village history

It is assumed that the village was founded in the mid- 13th century, on the edge of an old settlement. The name is probably based on old Bohemian expression for a rockery or a small stone; in German texts, it appears as “Kamnich” which was also a name of a local castle “Munitio Kamnich” in 1319. The Charter of Jan Lucemburský (John of Luxembourg) contains the first written reference to Kamyk on January 10, 1319. Jindrich z Pokratic (Henry from Pokratice) rebuilt Kamyk castle shortly before that and the king gave him the castle in vassalage together with Zalhostice village as a compensation for his investment. Jindrich´s des­cendants were called Kamykove z Pokratic (The Kamyks from Pokratice). There had been many owners of the castle and the village. Jindrich´s des­cendants are remembered as the king´s vassals until 2nd half of 14th century. Later, emperor Karel IV. (Carl IV.) plundered the property and left it to the Zajic (Hare) dynasty from Hazimburk. Worth to mention was the owner Sylvie Katerina, countess from Carret and Millesima, who got Kamyk after the death of her husband Herman Cernin from Chudenice in 1651. She joint Kamyk estate with Lovosice manor by marriage with her second husband Vilem Markh from Baden-Baden. She was also the founder of the Chapel of Jan Krtitel (John the Baptist) located not far from the village. For a period of time, there was also a brewery in Kamyk, the first reference is in the Desky zemské (proof of land ownership) from 1543. However, it ceased to exist during the interwar period and was never re-established. Kamyk castle was built on a stone ridge as a guarding castle above the Labe (Elbe) trade route. For a long time it served to soldiers as well as to civilians. However, about the mid16th century it started to decay and deteriorate. At the beginning of 19th century, it was engulfed by fires and in 1960´ was demolished. The castle ruins are located on a basaltic rock promontory and are a dominant feature of the village.

pohled na Kamýk od Smetanovy síně

pohled na Kamýk od Smetanovy síně

Useful information

www.obec-kamyk.cz www.portabohemica.cz

GPS position

N 50° 33.479', E 14° 4.654'



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