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Kuzov hill is geologically interesting location, because the hill is formed from two vein formations from leucitic tephrite, which are formed from surrounding Turin sediments. The fact that the veins cross each other shows complicated tectonic evolution during the formation of the volcanic rocks.

Two distinctive ridges stick out above the surrounding vegetation. The lower ridge resembles the head of a lion so the locals call it a “Lion head”.

The vegetation consists of non-native black pine (Pinus nigra). From the plant communities one can find here specially protected species of thermophilic steppe character such as rock madwort (Aurinia saxatilis) or pasqueflower (Pulsatilla pragensia subsp. Bohemica). Kuzov is also a significant location for garlic (Allium strictum).

This natural monument also provides asylum to many animals, for example fox or buzzard among others.

Czech garnets sites are located at the Kuzov foothill. Garnet gravel can be found in silts of the Kuzov creek.

If you would like to enjoy the view from Kuzov hill (414 meters above sea level), go about two kilometers north from Trebivlice village or half a kilometer east from Dremcice village. To the south-east, you can get a nice view of Hazmburk castle.

GPS position

N 50° 28.443', E 13° 54.086'



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