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Lipska (Leipzig) Hill

Tall, steep hill of phonolite origin is located in the protective system of a natural reserve, which is applied to the southern slopes and to the top of the hill. The distinctively asymmetrical knot, whose peak reaches 689 meters above sea level, dominates the upper basin Modly, 9 km west from Lovosice town and Lipa village.

Numerous rock outcrops, especially the top rocky plates, show natural plate rock decay. Individual loose plates become part of the moving debris on the slopes which in some areas are tilted as much as 40°.

Lipska Hill has good conditions for acidophilic plant species. One can find here rare species such as pink gray (Dianthus gratianopolitanus) or Arctostaphylos uvaursi. The hill slopes are covered with diverse scrubland and forests – a birch forest and linden wood on the debris, thermophilous oak, and oak and hornbeam woods. To keep the development of valuable rock communities near the peak, it is necessary to perform interventions to suppress excessive expansion of shrubs.

There is a rich fauna; however, the invertebrates species are not examined sufficiently. One of the specially protected beetles is Stag beetle.

It is difficult to get to the top of Lipska Hill. One needs to follow a red trail from Lhota or Medvedice villages, but the view to the west and south is worth it. Famous landmarks, such as Lovos, Sutom Hill, Kostalov, Olarik, Solanska Hill and Hradistany can be seen from there.

Hvozdík sivý

Hvozdík sivý

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N 50° 30.782', E 13° 54.536'



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