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Stepanovska hora (Stephen Hill)

Sturdy, basalt massive, the ending of Brezina tableland, is covered with natural deciduous forest that changes with elevation to forest-steppe, steppe and prairie blaze. Although the highest overlook is marked as 620.9 meters above sea level, the non-distinctive peak reaches a higher elevation than that. The prairie blaze on this hill belongs to one of the highest elevated ones in Ceske stredohori (Czech Central Mountains). One can see loose debris there. On the south edge of this natural monument grows protected thermophilic rock flora. Some the endangered species presented here are Stipa joannis or Stipa tirsa. Remains of prehistoric settlement and banks from the Bronze Age were found on the southeastern tip. As the name indicates, the hill is located above Stepanov village, 4 km west from Milesov village. From the top of the hill looking north one can see Parez hill, looking east, Milesovsky Kloc hill; and looking south, Hradistany village.

GPS position

N 50° 31.983', E 13° 52.202'



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