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Is the highest mountain of Ceske stredohori (Czech Central Mountains) whose peak reaches 837 meters above sea level. Milesovka is named after a nearby village Milesov. This steep hummock, consisting of sodalite and trachyte, is significantly higher than the surrounding terrain which effects the local weather patterns, e.g. wind speed, frequency of storms, and snow cover. Milesovka is considered the windiest mountain of the Czech Republic with its average wind speed of 8.5 m/s. The average annual temperature is 5.2°C (41.36°F). Because there are the most storms in the Czech Republic recorded there, a weather station with a 19 meters tall observatory tower was built on the peak in 1904. Milesovka is the oldest mountain observatory in the Czech Republic with permanent meteorological station of Institute of Atmospheric Physics – part of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The observatory is opened to the public during favorable weather. The mountain slopes are covered with natural forest and their inclination could be up to 30°. The trees are often scarred by the wind effects, freeze and storage of snow to the lee. From the biological point of view important are forestless parts of the mountain, unwooded scree, and particularly, 30 meters high rock wall at the southwestern foothill, called Vyri skaly (Eagle-owl rocks). Here, important plant species, such as Woodsia ilvensis can be found. Insectual and molluscoid fauna is also interesting here. To get to the top of Milesovka follow a red trail from Zim to Milesov, or a blue trail from Kostomlaty to Velemin. Steep, rocky trail leads to the top. At the top, there is a snack-bar with souvenir shop and one can enjoy a 360° view of the surrounding there.


GPS position

N 50° 32.954', E 13° 56.263'



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