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Borec Hill – south

Looking east while descending Borec Hill one has a broad view of Lovosice surrounding; looking towards southern edge of eastern part of Ceske stredohori (Czech Central Mountains) one can see Vernericke stredohori (Vernerice Central Mountains). Meadows surrounding Borec hill have a favorable environment for different species of insects. Butterflies, especially, have good conditions for the development of their larvae, shelter and feeding. The meadows and stone drifts are also home to different species of ants. The Myrmica genus belongs to the endangered species. Flocks of sheep have been brought back to the meadows and with that came a threat of overgraze. From the view point we can see a former battlefield where at the beginning of Seven Years´ war in 1756 the Austrian and the Prussian army collided in the “Battle of Lovosice”. Prussian king Frederick II. won this battle and took over the town but the Austrians stopped his further advance. There is a legend about Princess Libuse, the founder of Prague, who was brave enough to walk up the Borec Hill and speak with Gods. People were afraid of the hill, because according to the legend there was an endless opening inside the hill. In the 19th century it was ordered to filled it up until a huge lose boulder got caught in it and covered the hollow.

GPS position

N 50° 30.844', E 13° 59.477'



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