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Borec Hill – north

Borec is 446 m tall, grassy trachytic cumulus located 4 km west from Lovosice town, between Borec and Rezny Ujezd villages. A nature trail leads from there, starting on northern foothill which is intermittently forested. The subsoil is dominated by Mesozoic sediments of sea origins – marlites and clayey calcite/limestone cretaceous formation – which were pierced by trachytic magma in the Tertiary period. Trachyte rock has characteristic slab jointing because of natural rifting due to frost weathering. As the top soil on the slopes erodes, large boulders cumulate on the Borec hill slopes, generate pressure on the soft bedrock and cause land-slides. The occurrence of these slides depends on rainfall conditions. The spread of vegetation stabilizes these slides. The less steep parts of the hill are more leveled as spaces between stones were filled with soil and fall outs. Spaces between stones are filled with soil and fall outs. On the other hand, large amount of rock fragments are released due to surface erosion on the steep slopes and they cumulate in lower locations. Cool debris fields on the northern slope of Borec hill cover cracked rock massif called “ventarol” system – emission of warm and damp air from the hill. You will learn more about these micro emissions on the next stop.

GPS position

N 50° 30.988', E 13° 59.399'



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