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Kunratice Forest

Labuť pond

Labuť fish pond is situated in the cadastral area of Prague 4-Krč. Its surface area is 11,829 m2 and its capacity is 22,780 m2.

The year it was founded cannot be ascertained, but it was drawn on an 1840 map. It originally consisted of two parts separated by the old Vienna Road, it was much smaller and flow-through. It was expanded in the 1960s and remade into a side pond. Its shores were also reinforced with concrete at that time. The pond was desilted and all of its devices were repaired in 2009. Before the silt removal, the pond was silted with approx. 3000 m3 of sediment, which impaired the water quality due to its increased nitrogen and phosphorus content. It was causing cyanobacterial growth and a general eutrophication of the water.

The pond is fed with water from the Kunratický brook and since it is a side pond (by-passed by its feeder), it has no emergency overspill that would otherwise carry flood water safely.

GPS position

N 50° 1.996', E 14° 27.462'



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