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Chuchle Grove

Homolka Nature Reserve

Homolka Nature Reserve lies at the northern edge of Velká Chuchle, by the road towards Slivenec. It is crossed by the yellow walking path from Chuchle Grove. The site covers 13.43 ha and has been protected since 1982.

Homolka is one of the most remarkable geological exposures in this country and contains prominent fossil deposits. The geological exposure was approved in 1989 as the world stratotype for the Lochkov-Prague boundary, of global validity as a Lower Devonian stratigraphic level. The boundary is identified with a marker.

Limestone used to be quarried in the area and used for the famous black mosaic cobblestones on Prague sidewalks. Although Homolka is disrupted in the south by the age-old limestone quarrying, it has remained a valuable habitat for thermophilic plant and animal species. The southeastern hillsides support valuable calcicolous and xeric societies of the rock and grassy steppe. There is also a valuable composition of thermophilic invertebrate fauna, especially beetles, butterflies (742 species identified), spiders and snails.

GPS position

N 50° 0.955', E 14° 22.692'



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