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Chuchle Grove

Basic description of the forest

Chuchle Grove is situated in the cadastral areas of Malá Chuchle and Velká Chuchle. It covers 149.14 hectares, out of which 145 ha is forest stands and 4.14 is non-forest areas such as meadows and paths. The most populous tree species are the durmast and pedunculate oaks, the black locust, and the Scots pine. Chuchle Grove is dominated by nutrient-rich lowland habitats. The most populous tree age group is age group 3 (stands 41–60 years old), followed by age group 7 (stands 121–140 years). The forest is owned by Prague Municipality. This text was produced using the brochure Chuchle Grove, issued by Prague MC Environmental Protection Dept.

GPS position

N 50° 1.358', E 14° 23.036'



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