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The Medard - Sokolov sea

Lake Medard was created on the site of the former coal mine Medard-Libík. The mine began to flood already in the year 2008, when Sokolovská uhelná stopped pumping mine water seeping from the quarry slopes. Water was also pumped here from the nearby mine Jiří. In the year 2010, water from the river Ohře began to be fed into the mine. Medard reached its final level in the year 2016. The lake lies at an altitude of 400 m, has an area of about 400 hectares and in some places is up to 50 meters deep. The length of the water area is 4 km and width 1.5 km.

Several deep brown coal mines have been in operation on the territory of today's Lake Medard since the 19th century, such as the mine Adolf-Žofie (1898), the mine Felicián (1871), the mine Antonín-Anežka-Josef (1886). Because not all coal is mined by deep mining, these mines were overloaded by surface quarries. The quarry Libík was founded in the year 1872 and ceased mining as the combined Medard-quarry Libík in the year 2003. The opencast querry Medard was opened in the year 1918. It was mined between the Sokolov-Cheb railway line in the south and the villages of Kluč and Habartov in the north. In the Medard II section, mining was terminated on September 9th, 1975, in the Medard I section, coal was mined until March 31st, 2000.

Lake Medard is one of the main locations of the Czech-Bavarian Geopark cross-border project. The main topics are coal mining and reclamation of land affected by mining. Of interest are the fossilized stumps of Tertiary conifers, which have been preserved under a layer of volcanic tuffs.

As part of the reclamation, it will be interesting to observe the emergence of various communities of fauna and flora in the lake and on its shores. Various species of birds already find refuge here.

Lake Medard is gradually becoming a popular area. So far, the locality is mainly used by cyclists and hikers. However, the utmost care must be taken when moving in the entire area. It is only possible to move on paved gravel roads, because the whole area is mined. Entry and swimming are at your own risk. Coal is still being mined at the north-eastern edge of the lake near the town of Svatava. The reason is the stabilization of the local slopes to prevent slips. It is necessary to follow the prohibition signs and not to enter the area of the active mine!

GPS position

N 50° 10.649', E 12° 37.190'