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Odval Dolů Jindřich II a Antonín

Ecological stability of the landscape

In the Jindrich II Antonin quarry complex, population of pioneer species of wild plants occur on the walls and talus slopes of the quarry and on the bottom of the northern section, where quarrying was the last to finish.

The Jindrich II mine pit tip in Zbýšov has a relatively high geomorphological diversity. Areas with diverse substrates and different vegetation cover provide a wide range of habitats for fungi, animal and plant life. From the point of view of the process of natural ecological succession, very valuable and interesting areas are the nutrient-poor substrates of the pit tip, which are, on the herb floor almost without vegetation cover. Valuable elements include also the steep slopes classified as shrubby steppe. Today, the pit tip is a functional biocentre of local importance connected to a network of bio-corridors nearby.

GPS position

N 49° 9.718', E 16° 21.375'