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Mainly species preferring connected grassland and shrubbery were found, e.g. the Field Mushroom, Pavement Mushroom, Bearded Fieldcap, St. George’s Mushroom, Shaggy Ink Cap, Shield Pinkgill Mushroom, Silky Pinkgill Mushroom, Snowy Waxcap, etc. There are also fungi whose mycorrhizas depend on seedling woody plants in early stages of ecological succession, e.g. the Silver Birch, Goat Willow, Brittle Willow, Common Aspen or the Silver Poplar. This group includes Lactarius controversus, Wooly Milkcap, Inocybe dulcamara, etc. Overall, 35 mushroom species were observed, none of which is on the Czech Red List or specially protected. Pavement Mushroom (Agaricus bitorquis) is a Basidiomycota mushroom, member of the Agraricus family. The cap is 4–15cm in diameter, semi-circular with a revolute edge, convex to flat, smooth or fibrous in texture – may crack in dry conditions. It is white; sometimes light ochre in the middle, if the mushroom is adult. The gills are loose, fleshy pink and later grey-purple to chocolate brown. The stipe is cylindrical, whitish and smooth, 4–10cm long and up to 4cm thick. At the base, it narrows to a whitish mycelial sheathing and a bitorqual ring which may be double if fused with the sheathing. The flesh is whitish, slightly pink when cut, with almond aroma and nutty flavour. The sporocarp is particularly hard. The mushrrom grows from May to November, in larger populations along paths and roads, in parks, gardens and disturbed habitats. The mushroom is edible and tasty. 

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