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Kamenolom Vyšný


At the bottom of the Vyšný quarry with exposed limestone substrate, which are nutritionally poor, macroscopic fungi are still almost absent. Species that prefer the more advanced stage of ecological succession appear in edge crops. Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic coexistence of fungi and higher plants, which combines fungal fibers with plant roots. It is beneficial for both groups of organisms. In endotrophic mycorrhiza, the fungal fibers penetrate the root cells of the plant. This type of cohabitation seeks for highly specialized types of mushrooms that are so dependent on their hosts that they are no longer able to survive without their support. The sponge fibers in this case can also enter between the primary root bark cells, but not directly inside the cells. Mycorrhizal fungi also positively influence the development of root microorganisms and their enzymatic activity, which is important for the nutrition, growth and health of plants. The biodiversity of macroscopic fungi is extremely low. Surveys directly at the quarry confirmed the occurrence of only 3 species. None of them is registered in the Red List of Fungi Species of the Czech Republic.

GPS position

N 48° 49.909', E 14° 17.548'