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Kamenolom Vyšný

Geological profile of the area

The area of Český Krumlov and Vyšný belongs to the Bohemian Massif and the Moldanubian region. Moldanubikum is considered a pre-Primary unit. Characteristic is the occurrence of granulites, eclogites and other highly metamorphic rocks. One of two series of moldanubics is referred to as varied. It is represented by paragneiss, quartzites, quartzite rolls, grains, graphite rocks, marbles, amphibolites, amphibolite rolls, granulites, eclogites and orthoras. This varied series runs in several lanes. The central strip stretches over Český Krumlov and Vyšný. The varied series is a shallow sedimentary space, in which marbles and graphite rocks represent deposited material of organogenic origin. In the area of Český Krumlov, building stone was mined in the Middle Ages. The quantity of mined minerals at that time corresponded to local needs. Granitoids, granulites, crystalline limestones were particularly popular. To a lesser extent, paragneiss rocks, exploited mainly as crushed aggregates, were mined. The geological background of the natural habitat of Vyšný Quarry is predominantly crystalline limestone.

GPS position

N 48° 49.994', E 14° 17.763'