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Kamenolom Vyšný


Invertebrates are represented on the majority of the surface of Vyšný quarry bed by an early stage of ecological succession. Societies of more advanced stages of ecological succession colonize the edge and the quarry walls of the quarry. Invertebrates include, among other things, 34 species of marsh mites, of which Allogalumna crassiclava is a new species for the Czech Republic. The biodiversity of the group of hindquarters is comparatively low, due to the lack of surfaces with fine sandy substrates. Their community is represented by 12 species. Nisson niger is listed in the EN category – endangered taxa in the Red List of Invertebrates of the Czech Republic. The VU category – Vulnerable taxa include the brown-banded carder bee protected under a special decree specially protected as an endangered species; Bombus wurflenii bumblebee is protected under decree as endangered species, ruby wasp and Tachysphex grandii. Ant population is made up of 5 species. Of these, Formica cunicularia is particularly protected as an endangered species according to the Decree. The biodiversity of beetles from the family of beetles is relatively high in this unnatural biotope. The community consists of 10 species, of which Dyschiriodes nitidus is listed in the Red List as VU – vulnerable taxa. A total of 23 species have been documented, of which Meleager’s blue is listed in the Red List as VU – vulnerable taxa. Of the mollusk communities, there are documented populations of Cochlicopa lubrica, Pupilla muscorum and Xerolenta obvia.

Endangered and specially protected species of invertebrate animals Meleager’s blue is a rare butterfly of the Lycaenidae family. In the Red List, it is listed in the VU category – vulnerable taxa. In the Czech Republic, populations of this butterfly are scattered throughout warm regions. Its wingspan is 3–4 cm. Its basic color is light blue with a soft shine. The females have a distinctive brown rim on the front and rear wings.

GPS position

N 48° 49.946', E 14° 17.846'