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Kamenolom Vyšný

History of the quarry and stone quarrying in the area

In the central part of the cadastral area of Vyšný west from the residential area, the mining of limestone took place in the past. It is the only limestone deposit of regional importance, where the extracted raw material was used for construction and industrial purposes, especially in the region. Quarrying and related activities have caused disturbance of ecosystems and landscapes with a total area of approximately 13.8 hectares. Originally, most areas were part of the land intended to fulfill the functions of the forest, and as such it was managed in forestry and used for the production of wood. During the mining period the quarry area was in compliance with the provisions of Act No. 289/1995 Coll. temporary removal of forest functions. Mining activity was carried out in the locality on the exclusive deposit Vyšný, consisting in the mining and treatment of a reserved mineral – limestone. The mineral deposit was mined in a three-layer wall quarry. The mineral a crystalline limestone of a varied group of Český Krumlov moldanubic. Extracted and treated limestone was used as a decorative stone mainly for construction purposes and also as a raw material for industrial production. The mining and limestone treatment in the Vyšný site continued until 1994. The majority of the bottom and the mining walls were left with natural ecological succession. At present, in the area of abandoned quarry from the east and from the south, there is a small protected area with status Nature Protected Landscape Area. The reason for its establishment was the exposed rocks of the limestone substrate, the grass-grass communities of plants and animals habituating the warm and very dry environments (xerotermic), open-air thermophilous oak forests and lime-lime beech. In addition to commercial plans aimed at the short-term recreation and relaxation of the inhabitants of Český Krumlov, the announcement of a small-scale specially protected area is also envisaged for the preservation of the public interest in the protection of nature and biodiversity.

GPS position

N 48° 49.961', E 14° 17.877'