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Castles on the rocks

Kozlov (Chlum) near Podháj

Ruins of rock castle, which is located on a hill above the village Chlum-Podháj, about 2 km south of the town Turnov. The first written mention of the castle dates to 1362, when its owner Hynek of Lomnice.Name Kozlov is probably later. Castle built one of the first Wallenstein, but it is questionable whether it was Zdeněk of Wallenstein in years 1318 – 1335, who is sometimes used to write of Chlum.

The other owners are known only Jarek Wallenstein (1353) and Jan Wallenstein (1362). More data about the castle is not. Castle was abandoned, when its territory was connected to the castle Wallenstein. Specific circumstances are not known.

This rock castle was very large, its shape was matched to the terrain, rocky ridge oriented east to west. Bailey was laid below, the castle stood on inaccessible rock, which led to steep stairs. Was carved in the rock room and the cellar below, under the rock well. This natural environment was supplemented wooden buildings whose size can be estimated according to the holes in the rocks for wooden beams. More of the castle kept and it's hard to determine what areas served hewn in the rock. The site is accessible to the green tourist trail.

GPS position

N 50° 33.666', E 15° 7.542'



Geopark UNESCO Český ráj
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