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Rieger's Path


Entry to guard the narrow canyon Jizery rocky gorge, which of the two sides form a steep cliff as high as 70m. Granite was horotvornými marches finely crushed. Subsequent saturation of quartz rock solidified so that it has the appearance of pinkish in places, elsewhere whitish greenish light cornea. As a result of silicification rock is extremely hard. Creating the narrowest gorges across the river, was the best of what was erosive power Jizery able. During the spring floods gorge clogged and the water acted residents Semil trouble. Therefore put before the construction of factory spinning Schmidt in 1870 in district Semily River Gorge riddle.

The Galerry

Currently has a width of 15–20 meters. The trail along this stretch overcomes the gondola gallery, 77 meters long and nestled into the rock at a height of 5.5 m above the Jizera. Gorge hanging bridge was opened in 1909. The area is valuable in terms of geological, botanical and zoological. The walls of the gorge is found misleading protected saxifrage (Saxifraga decipiens subsp. Steinmanii), better known as saxifrage supsp. Location already appeared in the mid-19th Josephine Kablíková century botanist. Grow in the area such as Tolita medical (Vincetoxicum hirundinaria), rotundifolia bell (Campanula rotundifolia), large-flowered foxglove (Digitalis grandiflora), Silenka bloated (Silene vulgaris) and polypody fern (Polypodium vulgare), green spleenwort (Asplenium virosa). On the rocks live snail hrotice (Balea perversa). The birds are on the environment rocks bound generic Swift, Black Redstart, sparrow-hawk (Accipiter nissus)), forest hawks (Falco subbeteo), kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) and Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo). Natural Heritage Gallery was an area of ​​5 54 hectares declared in 1990. The territory is prohibited any activity that would lead to its modification or damage.

GPS position

N 50° 36.924', E 15° 18.534'



Geopark UNESCO Český ráj
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