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Prago Tragy

Tank tower

The Prago Tragy pit tip “Na Vysokém” boasts a local dominant – the tank tower, which helps to shape the landscape of Kladno-Dubí. It was designed by architect Otakar Štěpánek and it was built by Pittel & Brausewetter of Prague in 1941.

Its investor and user was Poldina huť, a steel mill which used the water from the tank to supply the water-intensive process of producing noble highly-special and stainless steel. It is a massive tank structure of reinforced concrete. The bottom part has eight niches, one of them hiding the entrance. Then comes a part build from unfaced bricks, with windows in a round scuncheon. Above the open brick part, there are eight pillars bearing the round tank. Windows are situated alongside the whole length of the shank. The outside surface of the tank is smooth. The roof ends with a viewing terrace with a railing, lamp and a number of antennae and transmitters. *** Since about the 1990s, the water tank has not been used and, over time, it deteriorated due to lack of maintenance. It is used by the Kestrel for nesting. Kestrel hunts for food in the farmed fields surrounding the Prago Tragy pit tip.

GPS position

N 50° 9.932', E 14° 7.454'



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