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The area is slightly less interesting in terms of flora, but nevertheless, the plant species are abundant. 125 plant species have been discovered so far, of which 34 are shrubs and trees. On the outskirts, the pit tip is covered with seeding plants, with European white birch dominating. Towards Cvrčovice, damson plum and cherry plum complete the shrub layer, and sweet cherry does so for the tree family. The pit tip forms a varied relief and gives space to shrubby slopes with: brier rose, blackthorn and elderberry. European white birch European white birch is a typical pioneer species in the initial stages of ecological succession. It is one of the first species to colonize the disturbed area and even extremely nutrient-poor substrates. The tree grows up to 25 m height. Young bark is smooth, yellowy or reddish brown, and turns grey with age. As it ages, the bark has a tendency to peel off the tree, and forms cracks in the lower trunk. Branches of the lower trees are often pendant. The leaf blade is triangular, oviform, saw-toothed on the brim. Male catkins in blossom are 3 –7 cm long, female catkins are 1 – 2 cm long and initially upright. The fruit is akene. The tree blossoms from April to May.

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Endangered and specially protected species of vascular plants

Long-headed poppy (Papaver dubium) Long-headed poppy is an annual that exudes white to yellowish latex that turns dark yellow, brown or even black once it dries. The stem is straight, 50 – 100 cm tall and branches at the base. The ground and lower leaves have long leafstalks, the upper leaves are nearly sessile. In most of the European countries, it grows on the road margins, rubble dump, or possibly also in fields. It blossoms from June to August. It is a critically endangered species in Slovakia, protected by law.

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