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Odval dolu Vítek

Land restoration

The pit tip was now restored using the traditional technical and biological methods. The pit tip now represents a successful process of ecological succession – a natural return of plants and animals. Around 1985, part of the pit tip was removed by an unknown person. As of 1993, the site has been subject to illegal dumping of various sort, in breach of the Act no. 185/2001 Coll. on Waste.

The liquidation of the former mine was finished in 2002 and the site was technically secured in 2011 and 2012.

The pit tip has been in the focus of motocross fans since approximately 2010. These activities lead to certain changes in the surface structure and increase the geomorphologic diversity of the terrain. The positive impact is that the ecological succession is blocked by repeated disruption of vegetation in herbaceous cover and shrub layer. The negative impact is the increased occurrence of old tyres used by the motorcyclists as artificial barriers.

One of the idea for restoring the site was to remove the pit tip mass and use the material for landscaping, followed by site restoration and forestation. The second option was a gradual remediation of the removed parts and restoration of the pit tip. The estimated cost of the restoration amounted to 550,000.– CZK.

Another option that was considered was the conversion of the site into a waste dump. All of the latter mentioned options turned out to be entirely unsuitable for the location. 

GPS position

N 50° 10.396', E 14° 9.659'



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